Concentrated Night-Time Stretch Mark Serum

 An intensive nutrient boost for ALL skin but especially formulated for pregnant skin. For best results, use at night time whilst skin is naturally repairing and replenishing and is able to absorb goodness more easily.  For best results, gently exfoliate the skin before use to remove dead skin cells allowing maximum absorption into new skin.


A whole list of exciting active ingredients have been added to help improve the elasticity and strength of skin especially in areas prone to stretch marks. Actives include Aloe Vera, Vegetable Collagen, Rosehip, Frankinsence, Rose Geranium and Starflower oils as well as Lady’s Mantle, recently shown to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks (and packed full of anti-oxidants).


Ideal to keep in your hand bag as a hand cream or for a daily rehydration burst wherever skin feels dry. Light and easy to use.

 100% vegan, Biodegradable, Eco-friendly


£8.25 GBP